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Starring Minnie & Maggie

Maggie has a habit of watching cartoons with Minnie after she comes back from college. She understands Minnie very well and her mood swings. Many times, it happens that Minnie has a rough day, all she wants is to just relax and have some ME time, but out of habit, Maggie makes her watch the cartoon and have a good time. This really helps Minnie to cheer a bit and at the same time, it also teaches her that one should always look at the positive side of life and also dedicate some time to fun activities that cheer you up. Their Everlasting tale has started its journey

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Starring Reiko & Ronnie

Reiko sets his newspaper down and looks at Ronnie curled up in his lap. He smiles and wonders how such a tiny furball can bring so much warmth into his life.

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Starring Maddy & Max

When Maddy gets stressed, he gets up and stares out the window. Max always trots up and leans against his leg, letting him know that all is well as long as they're together. Max then comes in with his go-out leash and hands it to Maddy, who tells Maddy that it's time for a park adventure.

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Starring Niya & Niki

Niya looks at Niki, snuggled up against her in bed, and then at the puppy blankets, she'd laid on the floor when they first met. The blankets are always empty, but Niya's heart is forever full. Nicki always wakes Niya in the morning with her woofs, and Nia's day starts with loving wet kisses.

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Starring Lea & Luna

Lea stands outside her apartment and unlocks the door. She hears Luna scurrying about inside and smiles, knowing she'll never be greeted by silence again.

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